Digital reconstructions

From 2012 to 2014, the history department and mediaeval art department of the University of East Anglia (UEA) carried out a three year research project at the college. Some of the results were these two digital reconstruction videos.

This first video (below) explains what the college may have looked like in the mid fourteenth century, at the height of its development and before its dissolution by Henry VIII. The video then shows different stages of its development, including the 1600 Jacobean phase, and the Georgian rebuilding of in the 1780s. The video was directed by Peter Bloore, and created by Virtual Past at UEA.

This second video (below)  is a reconstruction of what Wingfield Castle may have looked like, showing ornamental water features and fishponds that were discovered as a result of the archaeological surveys and geophysics surveys carried out by UEA as part of the research project.


These videos are reproduced with thanks to Virtual Past at UEA, and with special thanks to Professor Rob Liddiard and Professor John Charmley, for their work throughout the project. Thanks also to Jane Greenwood and Loftus Media .

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